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About Dina




Dina Khataan, an award-winning, Dubai-based, Egyptian artist, one of the leading artists who masters experimental art, using resin and fluid mixes, in the Middle East. She lived the later half of her life in Cape Town, South Africa immersed in natural beauty and diverse cultures; the secret to her inspiration.

Her first participation in an art exhibition was at the age of 9 years, an exhibition named "Motherhood", later in her life, at the age of 17, she used to enjoy painting with charcoal as a hobby; "My eyes used to scan everything in black and white! I refrained from using colours in all my paintings".

She says.

Her grandfather was her childhood 'art mentor'; a fine painter and a sculptor who was heavily influenced by Japanese art. "Watching the process of art creation from an early age heavily influenced my vision of everything in life." Dina says.

Before taking art as a professional route, she was an interior decorator by profession with a diploma from Cape town, South Africa.
Her Bachelor degree in Commerce from her homeland, Alexandria, Egypt has helped her to own and manage her own company specializing in bespoke wallcovering design in South Africa.

Currently, She is a full-time artist, based in the sophisticated Dubai, creating art on the blank canvas of its desert.

"Art is my muse, a way to manifest the perfect imperfections of life." 

Dina says.

Dina is self-taught, hence, highly experimental with her materials. Her art is free-flowing, intuitive and innovative. Dina has developed her own trademark techniques that she shared in her workshops. 

A winner of The Global Art Awards 2018 in Innovative Art, and, a finalist of The Global Art Awards 2018 in Painting. Dina's pieces have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions in UAE and Egypt , among them is World Art Dubai and other international and local exhibitions.

Her art pieces are collected by a number of art collectors of USA, UK, Russia, Finland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, and India to name a few.

Dina has been featured in many press and online articles, and featured on TV channels talking about her art.



Inspired by mother-nature as a mapping system of energy and projecting micro and macro views of the universe in abstract forms, My art creations express my profound love and awareness of nature, and it makes visible, the fluid energy of matter, resulting in the creation of visual doorways to relentless energy vibes.

My work revolves around resin which is renowned for both its experimental nature and ethereal aesthetic. Lustrous like glass, yet compositionally similar to plastic, resin pairs form with functionality, resulting in endless artistic possibilities. 

Maneuvering the viscosity of resin, and the fluidity of my mixtures, my movements get frozen in time; a testament of innate sense of rhythm found within a melody of emotions, inspired by natural and organic elements and created by raw artistic hand movements.

The emotions smoothly conveyed in my pieces through the use of nuanced colours, the grading layers of the array of materials used, and the organic flow of the tinted resin.

The result is inimitable, contemporary- looking visual poetry that captures the light.

Art Journey Updates - September 2019

I always look for 'Change'. It is embedded in my personality, and apparently clear in my art, every time I would throw everything I built my skills on behind me, and look for a new adventurous road to take, a new medium, a new idea as if I am constantly racing self- made challenges.

Lately, I have been experimenting with fluids without the use of resin, I try to chase the spontaneous dance of fluids as it foretells a story, a story worth discovery.

I also practice abstract art, a therapeutic release for me, creating structures with textures, and using mixed media to convey emotions, memories, and thoughts that carries my own voice.
The body of work stems from my own vulnerability, personal struggles, and internal conflicts. Channeling my inner turmoil to create artistic pieces that resonates with an audience.

Nowadays, I am also getting very passionate about the use of natural stones in my art, which I travel specially to buy and choose, one- by- one. Besides, its healing proportions, and its precious value; each one tells a story utilizing its unique assemblage of textures, shine, and complexion.
This makes it irresistible to me not to use it to amplify, augment, or highlight the ideology and resemblance behind the piece I am working on.


Key Exhibitions & Awards & Workshops


Key Exhibitions:

  • Downtown Design | November 2019 | Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE

  • Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) & Children's Cancer Hospital Foundation 57375 | April 2019 | Holiday International Hotel, Sharjah, UAE

  • World Art Dubai | April 2019 | World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

  • Bluewaters Island | April 2019 | Bluewaters Island, Dubai, UAE

  • Art Rhythm | December 2018 | The Address Hotel Downtown, Dubai, UAE

  • 47th National Day | December 2018 | Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Ship, Dubai

  • Abstract Art | July, 2018 | Club House, Alexandria Sporting Club, Alexandria, Egypt

  • Global Art Awards | November 2018 | Five Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

  • World Art Dubai | March 2018 | World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

  • Art Tunes | Group Art Exhibition | December 2017 | AnYahh Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

​​Awards & Achievements:

  • Winner of the Global Art Awards in 'Innovative Art' | November 2018 | Five Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

  • Finalist in the Global Art Award in 'Painting' | November 2018 | Five Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

  • Bvlgari Fragrance Design - Omnia : Winner of the Semi-final phase of the competition: Best 20 designs among the 100 chosen successful designs by Bvlgari.


  • Resin Art Squad October 2019 | The Cave DXB, Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE

  • Geode Art Workshop March 2019 | Artology, Manama, Bahrain

  • Resin Art Masterclass | March 2019 | Artology, Manama, Bahrain

  • Resin Art Beach Vibes March 2019 | Artology, Manama, Bahrain

  • Basics of Resin Art Masterclass | February 2019 | Craftiviti, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Resin Art Masterclass | February 2019 | Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE